Replace Text DWG (2012)

Replace Text DWG (2012) 1.0

An indispensable application to every CAD manager and AutoCAD user
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Quickly replacing text and attributes in batches of AutoCAD documents has never been easier. Replace Text DWG(2012) - a robust and user friendly application - features several modes to select files to be processed, notably: drag and drop, specifying Excel lists, or specifying folders. An indispensable application to every CAD manager and AutoCAD user, Replace Text DWG is designed to save time and money, it is easy to use and preserves user's options for the next time it runs.
Features and Benefits:
- 3 modes to select files for text replacing:
drag and drop files from Windows Explorer,
use files from an Excel document list,
process all documents from specified folders,
- All settings are saved between sessions
- Allows replacing text in large as well as small batches of documents. It can find and replace one or more pairs of text items in the same batch. Find and replace information can be provided in an Excel file or directly on the application's interface.
-The user can selectively search and replace in the following areas:
Text and Mtext in Model Space
Text and Mtext in Paper Space
Text and Mtext in Block Definitions
Attributes in Model Space
Attributes in Paper Space
-Case Sensitive Comparison
-Whole Word searching option
-The replacement results are clearly displayed while the batch is processing selected drawings. There are two operating modes: Preview and Replace. Preview mode searches for text and displays the found text and the new text after modification but does not save any modification to dwg files. Replace mode also shows the old text and the new text but saves the modified drawings.
-After a preview, each matching text item is listed and selected for replacement, but user is given the option to unselect some of the text items before the batch replacement starts.
-Search and replace text can be applied to AutoCAD Drawing (dwg) and AutoCAD Drawing Template (dwt) files.

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